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Disclaimer: Use of any content of this website without the express permission of Denise Leo- White Pomeranians. Whitepom.com is forbidden and will result in prosecution. Use of photos, text, graphics or anything else from this site in anyway at all is strictly forbidden. I have a list of sites and individuals who have been caught illegally using my graphics, some range from the blatant misrepresentation by a Pomeranian site in Greece to individuals downloading pictures and then posting pictures of my lovely Pomeranian on newsgroups etc. At first I could not understand why anyone would want to use photos of Pomeranians belonging to others, then I visited some of the sites involved in this illegal activity and saw the quality of their Pomeranians. Now onto list number two . The huge list of people who think that they are entitled to take my hard work. No please, or thank you, more often than not abuse when I ask for my material to be removed. It seems just too easy for some people to build a website and then to just cut and paste my material into their site. These activities are illegal and will not be tolerated. I have complete records and screen shots of every site and individual caught being involved in copyright abuse. If you need to put Pomeranian material on your site. WRITE YOUR OWN Sorry, changing a couple of words does not remove my copyright. I WILL find you and demand the stolen material be removed. If it is not removed , then I will have your site removed from the internet. If I am very annoyed by your lack of action, I will then take the step of having your domain name black listed with the search engines. You hosting provider, domain register and the search engines take a very dim view of plagiarism. Mainly to protect themselves from any legal action. Oh , another thing, if you take my material , and when I find you , dont bother telling me a friend gave the material to you and you have never seen my site. Oh, another dont bother telling me you cannot remember your friends name. I have heard it all before. Any information supplied by Denise Leo- White Pomeranians. Whitepom.com, is offered as a guideline and with good intent. We strongly urge you to consult with your Veterinarian at all times. Having said all that I hope you have an enjoyable visit to White Pomeranians and as we are always updating please come back soon.