White Pomeranians

white Dochlaggie Pomeranian

White Dochlaggie Pomeranian

White Pomeranians. Home of Australia’s White Pomeranians. Working to preserve, protect and promote the White Pomeranian. After spending over 20 years working with white Pomeranians, I have concluded that the whites are the hardest color in the Pomeranian breed. Too much white breeding in the pedigree and the white Pomeranians revert to the older style Pomeranian.
The challenge of producing Pomeranians of type and quality, with ice white coats is not a easy undertaking.

We started breeding white Pomeranians by chance, after importing a white male from the u.k. This white male was mostly Hadleigh lines. Going back in the pedigree, whites from South Africa could be found. This white line mixed with the wolf sables and cream sables produced this ice white boy.

Great care and much thought has gone into selecting complimentary colours and quality bloodlines to be used with this male to produce quality ice white Pomeranians. Browse through our photo section to view the white Pomeranians resulting from our breeding program.

Our aim is to produce quality white Pomeranians, we are not interested in supplying the huge demand for white Pomeranian puppies. Nor are we interested in selling any of of our white Pomeranians to “breeders” of dubious repute whose only interest is making lots of money from our delightful breed.

Breeding out to the other colors like Orange improves type, but can cause lemon shadings, or what some people refer to as “ivory white” in the White Pomeranians Lemon tones on your White Pomeranians, can be very difficult to breed out at a later stage. A quote from the Pomeranian breed standard “Whites must be quite free from lemon or any other colour”.
Making use of wolf and cream sable to pale coat color has proved to be the best method of producing ice white pomeranians at Dochlaggie.
Using wolf sable and cream sable pomeranians, as an out cross and to help improve the quality of the whites has also proved to be the best option. The Wolf sable will help to pale the coat color as well as helping coat texture.

White Dochlaggie Pomeranian

White Dochlaggie Pomeranian

Breeding white Pomeranian to White Pomeranian will certainly produce white Pomeranians, but the quality will quickly deteriorate. Coat and pigmentation are usually the first qualities to deteriorate. In only a couple of generations of breeding whites to white your Pomeranian can revert to German Spitz type dogs.
Breeding out to the other colours can cause problems with the white colouring. It takes many years , knowledge, luck, dedication and lots of hard work to produce quality White Pomeranians. Trying to breed whites from parti colors is extremely hard. As these “whites” rarely stay white, but will be cream or orange and white parti colour at maturity.

There seems to as many shades of “white” as there is of black.Have a look at some of the white dogs like samoyeds at the shows and you will notice that the colour “white” can vary immensely.I once saw a lovely black jacket, which I bought and then decided at a later date to try and purchase black slacks to match. This proved impossible to do. There was hundreds of different shades of black, but not the right match to my jacket.